Lips, Beginnings

Introduction to sublime smackers

I love lipstick. It’s my favorite makeup to buy and put on. I’m so attracted to all of the colors, textures and flavors of lip products. As soon as I begin to sample lipsticks at a cosmetic counter I can’t stop myself. I could and maybe come close to trying on every color. My face around my mouth gets messy and sticky with all of the melee of products I smudge onto it like a little kid let loose in a berry farm with juice dripping down her chin. I’d probably eat lipstick if it were edible. My love of lipstick might border on obsession.

So many lipsticks

MAC, NARS, Too Faced, Stila (particularly noteworthy for the tingly sensation the mint oil in their lipsticks gives you), Bite Beauty, Lip Tar, Kat Von D, Hourglass . . .  all have a good selection of lipstick products whether you prefer matte colors (like me) or something super creamy or glossy. These products come in a variety of forms too–in tubes, tubs or pencils. You can apply these products on directly (when they come in a lipstick or crayon form) or with an applicator brush (If the come in a glossy or matte liquid). You can also apply on any lip product using a lip brush if you want to very thoroughly and meticulously coat the pigment onto your lips. See an example of the size and shape of a typical lip brush here.

 Generally the breakdown of lipstick hues go through a spectrum of nudes, browns, reds, pinks, oranges, and plums. Nude lip colors are becoming super popular right now, with a variety of subtle pink, tans and browns to choose from. Of course, you can also find more adventurous colors, like purples, greens, and blues–you usually have to seek out more indie makeup lines to find these hues, though.

Don’t forget that pharmacy brand lipsticks can be good too! Paired with the right lip primer you can make almost any lipstick stay vibrant and nearly smudge proof. Just go for the colors and amount of creaminess, glossiness, or matte affect you like in a lip product!

Some of my favorite lipstick brands include: Kat Von D Studded Matte Lipstick, Marc Jacobs Le Marc Lip Creme, MAC matte lipsticks, and Hourglass Femme Nude lipsticks.

Lip stains

At the moment, I am all about lip stain. Lip stains stay on almost all day with little need to reapply or touch up even after you eat or drink something. My favorite lip stains are by Kat Von D. Her lip stains have a nice matte finish, fill and cover the surface of my lips completely, and stay on bright all day.

Kat Von D Everlasting Love Lip Stain

Obsessive Compulsive Lip Tar offers a cruelty-free lip stain in a vast array of fun and more neutral colors, but I am not as big of a fan of this product. It doesn’t have the same stay-power as Kat Von D. However, friends of mine insist that if you get the right lip primer (not Lip Tar’s primer) then Lip Tar stands out as a really fantastic lip stain. I will say, though, that the Lip Tar primer has a refreshing, cooling burst of mint to it–it just works better to prime more solid, matte lipsticks.

Obsessive Compulsive Lip Tar

Recently, I’ve also been loving Lime Crime’s Velvetines. They are similar to the Kat Von D lip stains, perhaps a bit creamier, but they come in some different and intriguing shades.

Lip primers

If you want some advice on a good lip primer, I recommend Too Faced Lip Insurance lip primer. It comes in a tube like a lip gloss with an applicator brush. The product is an off-white gloss with a grittiness to it that helps smooth and texture your lips at the same time, lending some grip to the color you apply over it so that the color will stay on longer. The vitamin E oil in it also helps spread pigment over your lips at the same time that it helps to heal chapped lips. I use this primer before I put on a creamy lip product. If you want something to help smooth and spread a more matte product, though, I’d recommend Lip Tar’s lip primer.

Too Faced lip primer