Brows, Beginnings

Introduction to Brows and Products to Help you Get Started

Brows really define and shape your face so don’t neglect them just because they can be tricky to master. Because big, bold eyebrows are fashionable right now, there are a lot of different products to choose from. Plenty of comprehensive brow kits exist, ones that come with coloring powders (to line and fill in brows with an angled brow brush), setting wax to hold the brow’s shape, highlighter to go under and emphasize the brow line, tweezers, brow brushes and combs, and shaping stencils. If you want to keep it simple, though,  tweezers, a brow pencil, a waterproof gel, and a brow brush are all you need. You can always highlight with any highlighter you already have, which includes light, shimmery eye shadows, eye shadow pencils, liquid highlighters for your eyes and face, and highlighting face powders.

I do think that plucking, over using a razor or waxing, is a good move for brow care. You don’t want to use a method of hair removal that’s too radical or permanent because you want the hair to grow back so you can fix mistakes or try different shapes. Laser removal of hair and then tattooing your brows onto your face sounds like a bad idea to me. Gravity has an affect on tattoos and can make your brows look droopy and odd as you age. If you live in a place where you can find someone with skill to shape your brows–by eyebrow threading, waxing or plucking–I would recommend giving it a try and observing how they shape your brows so that you can try to replicate their work on your own (or just continue to make appointments with them every few weeks!).

For tweezers, Tweezerman seems to be a ubiquitous brand that people like.


To line and fill in my brows, I use an Anastasia Beverly Hills brow pencil. It works to provide pigment and setting wax all in one, and it comes with a brow brush on the other end of the pencil. If you line and fill in your eyebrows too dark, use the brush to brush out and gradually erase your mistakes. Another option, similar to the Anastasia Beverly Hills pencil, is the Urban Decay Brow Beater pencil–I’ve used this and liked it very much.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Perfect Brow pencil

Urban Decay Brow Beater 

I seal my brows after I use an eyebrow pencil with Anastasia Beverly Hills’ Lash Genius clear topcoat. I love this product! It also works to seal in mascara or to just use as clear mascara for your eyelashes. Other options are Anastaia Beverly Hills’ tinted brow gels and Bare Minerals’ clear, waterproof mascara (that works great for brows and eyelashes).

Anastasia Beverly Hills, Lash Genius Topcoat 

Anastasia Beverly Hills, Tinted Eyebrow Gel

Bare Minerals, Locked and Coated Clear Lash Topcoat