Month: January 2015

Roses and Gunmetal: A Lingerie Superhero Makeup Story

jeanna 4Jeanna, founder of queer, alternative lingerie shop Bluestockings Boutique, is giving us a lingerie-inspired smokey superhero look with gunmetal steely blue and firey coral rose eyeshadow accents. She knew how to work it for the camera so this post is going to be littered with pictures of her, striking a pose in her Dame de Paris balcony bra from Marlies Dekkers.jeanna 2

For Jeanna’s eye makeup we used: jeanna face 1

Marc Jacob’s black gel eyeliner pen

Stila matte black eyeshadow, Ebony

UD steely blue-grey eyeshadow, Gunmetal

UD golden brown eyeshadow, Smog

MAC pro eyeshadow, Coral

Madison Street Beauty, Flamingo (No longer available)

MSB eyeshadow, Desert Sands (No longer available)

Her lips are BareMinerals pink-nude lipstick, Speak Your Mind

jeanna eye 1

I took inspiration and some technique tips for this multi-layered smokey look from this Makeup Geek tutorial. Instead of using a mermaid palette as shown in the tutorial, with cooler metallic green shadows, we brightened up this dark look with coral and gold ones.  We also gave her more of a cat eye effect than what is shown in the tutorial because we wanted to subtly reference a superhero eye mask. jeanna eye 2

I started by smudging the black gel liner into the inner and outer corners of her eye, arching the color at the outer corner up to the end of her eyebrow. This gel liner packs a super-pigmented punch so I used some face primer to spread it and smooth it out, getting into the creases of her eyes. On top of the gel liner base, I layered black matte eyeshadow and a shimmery, steely grey-blue shadow until I got the effect and color I wanted. I also lined her bottom jeanna windowlids with the black gel pen and smoothed it out with the dark blue gunmetal color. Above these dark colors, I blended a golden brown shadow, softening the color up to her brow bones. To give this look a striking colorful impact, I thickly dabbed shimmery red, coral and gold eyeshadow onto the center of her eyelids. The inner corners of her eyes are highlighted with glittery gold shadow, the same hue I mixed with the red and coral colors at the center of her eye lids.

I also highlighted under her brows with a light pink-white eyeshadow pen to further brighten her up and give a little lift to her eyebrows. We decided to keep the lips nude to soften this intense look and draw more attention to her eyes. The final outcome is dusky and sexy. As far as super heroes go, she is offering us a femme fatale, black leather Catwoman with the red and gold colors of Wonder Woman’s costume.

1340060937_michelle-pfeiffer-catwoman jeanna 8 WonderWoman(5)

And as far as lingerie goes, here are some of the pieces that inspired us by Agent Provocateur, Dani Read, and Marlies Dekkers.

Naomi_Campbell_Agent_Provocateur_Evalyne-1024x706 lkbkmock-4 16450_4_lb_f

Don’t forget to check out the Bluestockings website for more information about Jeanna’s boutique.

While I was taking pictures of Jeanna, I couldn’t get this song out of my head.

jeanna bette davis


Looks to smother with confetti

My ideal New Year’s Eve involves me lounging, makeup free, in a nest of blankets with a soothing face mask, a cat in my lap and a glass of wine in my hand. With that combination I’m guaranteed to be asleep well before midnight, but at least I’ll wake up rested for the new year.

If the right group of friends is involved, going out for NYE can be fun too. Having a good crew is surely essential for surviving an environment thick with drunk, obnoxious people who feel wretched and anxious about making the first moment of the new year the perfect moment.  You need someone to raise your eyebrows at when the homely and horny girls doing obscene things to men who you suspect were hired from Craigslist to endure a champagne and desperation soaked night somehow get even more down and more dirty on a couch in the bar. You need someone to wink at as a grey beard cruises your boyfriend. You need to grimace in solidarity as the Brooklyn MC projects dancing Hasidic Jews on the wall and tells you not to take selfies in 2015. And you need someone to find confetti in her underwear the next morning after dozens of party poppers were let loose around you like a rainbow bukkake,

Yes, that pretty much sums up my last night of 2014.

This year I was fortunate enough to get confetti-splattered with some of my favorite people. And my pretty friend Jayne let me do her makeup. Originally our plan was to go with a Taylor Swift look–wing-tipped eyes and bright red lipstick that would, fingers crossed, devolve into the goopy, hysterical mess Tay Tay perfects at the end of her “Blank Space” video. taylor_swift_770_1Taylor-Swift

We took the bright wing-tipped look in the left photograph and brightened it up with some white, violet and gold colors. We also ended up skipping the red lip and going for a nude one, keeping the look light and ethereal.

jayne face 1jaybe face 1

For Jayne’s look we used:

jayne paletteLush’s cream eyeshadow, Focus

The Body Shop’s Colour Crush eyeshadow, Blueberry Night (blended into the Lush shadow, on the right side of the first strip of color)

NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil, Cottage Cheese (really bad branding on their part, we’re thinking the same thing)

Lush’s golden eyeliner, Dynamic

BareMinerals Moxie lipstick, Speak Your Mind

Jayne eyes 1

All of these products were new to me, and I love the colors we were able to achieve with the Lush cosmetics in particular. To start, we used a white eye shadow primer by NYX–this allowed us to work from a bright base and build up a luminescent effect with the other products we layered over it. On her eye lid we blended the silvery cream shadow with the light jayne full 2violet eyeshadow causing the hue to become beautifully opalescent. We then blended the golden eyeliner at the outer edge of her eye and into her eye crease to add more dimension and to highlight her blue eyes. In the inner corners of her eyes we used the Cottage Cheese pen with some powder highlighter to smooth out the color (so it didn’t actually look like clumpy cottage cheese, staying true to its stomach-turning name). For her eyeliner we used Stila liquid liner. I also added some Hourglass ambient lighting blush to her cheeks–after we dabbed on some primer and BB cream–which gave her a soft coral glow.

For my own NYE look I drew inspiration from 70s David Bowie.



70s makeup (from what I can gather from my vague interest in certain 70s idols–Dolly, Stevie, Debbie Harry, Siouxsie, Cher . . . ) was about dark eyeliner and soft but colorful eyeshadows.

12885f images-2 images-1

I went for a soft but colorful red and gold look.

Gina bowie face 1

gina bowie face 2

For my look I used:gina palette

Urban Decay eyeshadow, Freelove

Madison Street Beauty eyeshadow, Flamingo (this is the darker, shimmery color below and mixed into the lighter, peachy, less shimmery Freelove)

Lush eyeliner, Dynamic

UD eyeshadow, Half Baked

MSB Golden Bronzer

NYC City Proof Twistable Intense Lip Color crayon, Roosevelt Island Red

Gina full bowie 1I covered my lids in the gold eyeliner (you’ll note I used this as an eyeshadow instead of an eyeliner on both Jayne and me). I also lined my top lids with this color and extended it into a pyramid shape in the center of my lids, going into and above my eye creases. Then I shaded the inner corners of my eyes and into the creases on either side of the “pyramid” with pink eye shadow.  I dusted and blended around the edges of these colors with the red, glittery eye shadow.

I used the golden bronze to contour around my face, going for a more subtle Bowie contour-mask look (as seen in the picture below).David-Bowie-as-Ziggy-Stardust

The rusty-red lip color definitely made this look stand out, and I got the glossy effect by applying a gold lip gloss over the top. The NYC lipstick crayon I used was less than $5, long-lasting and tasted like cake or some sweet dessert–definitely worth it!

For the end of 2015 maybe I’ll go for the gold forehead circle.

Bren and Jayne on bus

Beauties still got to commute to the par-tay