About Eye Shadow Primer

Getting Started With Primer

If you want to use and experiment with eye shadow, you should definitely get a primer. Primer makes a night-and-day difference in how colors show up on your skin and how long the pigment stays on. I use Urban Decay for my primer needs—specifically Primer Potion. Urban Decay has other primers too, but I’d stay away from the one called Sin. Sin is super shimmery and might make achieving a nude, natural look difficult.

Urban Decay Primer Potion 

When shopping for primer, you can test out different primers on your skin and note how shimmery they are, how thick and creamy they are, and how dark or light the pigment is. I find that a thick, creamy primer works better as a primer for eyes (face primer is a different story). And the lighter the primer is the more the color that you put on top of it will appear bright and truer to the way it looks in the palette.

Also, eyeshadow primer can be used like a concealer or eraser to cover up or wipe away any mistakes you made with eyeshadow or eyeliner. Sometimes I even use primer mixed with eyeshadow to smooth out my eyeliner, especially if I’m trying to achieve a flawless winged look. AND you can use primer as a concealer over your smile lines because eyeshadow primers are usually engineered to not get stuck in creases.

If you use bright, bold, or neon colors, try to find a primer that is as light or white as possible. This will ensure that the vibrant colors really show up on your eyes. White primer can be hard to find, but I suggest the NYX primer.

NYX Eyeshadow Base







  1. The UD primer potion is nice but for everyday use, I actually got some primer off Etsy with a shea butter base that does a good job of moisturizing your eyelids in addition to helping the eyeshadow last. I think it came from Madison Street Beauty, who also sells fun shadow color samples (all natural, to boot!).


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